Philosophy of the Ethnic Science Foundation logo

Development is a natural phenomenon attained by the continuous process of creation. The goal of all creation is to attain universal development by expanding the spheres of prosperity and progress on the wheels of knowledge and research. The knowledge and research is powered by the ability to think indiscriminately.

Only humans have the capacity to think due to the evolved levels of consciousness. Harmony of mind and intellect results in indiscriminate and positive thinking that generates the light of wisdom required for the manifestation of eternal happiness and peace. Fulfillment of these eternal values of life is the goal of every human activity that results in the universal development of this world.

Ethnic Science Foundation is conceptualized to create this developed world.

The logo of Ethnic Science Foundation has a deep philosophical significance which is explained here

Significance of name:
Ethnic pertains to a group of people who are bounded by common values, belief, culture etc. When these boundaries transcend beyond any kind of limits then this finite common ground becomes infinite. The Ethnic in this context represents a group of people sharing values of ‘Humanism’ which is eternal, infinite and blissful and that which every human is born with.

Significance of colors:
• Red: The red dot symbolizes energy which is the core foundation of all the research activities for Ethnic Science Foundation. Energy symbolizes life. The entire Universe is operational due to the subtle vibrations caused by these currents.
• Blue: Energy requires stability and control otherwise it causes havoc and chaos. Blue symbolizes peace, stability and control. Blue and Red defines the entire range of the color spectrum. In this context, this spectrum encompasses the universal range of development.
• Gray: It symbolizes neutrality or detachment which is the state of absolute freedom – the purpose of human life. Attachment brings sorrow whereas detachment brings eternal joy and happiness. Neutrality is nature of research and education - The birth right of every human being. It is impossible to discover the absolute truth without neutrality.

Significance of icons:
Each icon is a representation of atom. Several atoms combine to form the molecule of life.

• Sun in this symbol is symbol of life energy.
• Torch symbolizes the process of development expanding the limits from known to unknown.
• The shining radiance of Sun denotes the light of wisdom.
• Two birds reflect mind and intellect. The peace and harmony between mind and intellect results in universal harmony. Purpose of science is to guide the world towards peace and harmony.
• Lotus symbolizes prosperity and water is for gentleness and humility.
• Microscope denotes the visionary capability of science to observe and understand the natural phenomenon.
• The movie reel is reflective of novelty and creativity.
• Brain is symbol of knowledge.

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