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Siddhaa Krishi

Universal energy based affordable, sustainable and environment friendly farming methodology derived from the traditional knowledge; researched, matured and applied successfully during the Pre-Vedic & Vedic age of mankind.


• Low cost agriculture methodology.
• Improve immunity levels.
• Food security for growing population.


• Jantunaam Jivanam Krushi - Agriculture is the basis of Life. – Sage Parashara
• Sarva Idam Panch Bhautikam Asmin Arthe - All creation including seed, environment, soil is composed of 5 elements of Nature.
• Consciousness is all pervading. Seed too has it.
• Growth of crops is a direct function of Prana.
• Energy of Sun is lifeline of farming.
• Crop quality can be fine tuned by harmonization of 5 elements by positive vibrations of heat, light and sound.
• All creation is interconnected by universal energy. There is a continuous give and take of it between these components.


An affordable, qualitative and organic method of farming based upon heat, sound and light energies of nature derived from the research work of Siddhas (enlightened beings).

Krishirdhanya Krishirmerdhya Jantunam Jivanam Krishihi |
Hinsadidoshyuktoapi Muchyateatithi Pujanat ||
-Krishi Parashare 8

Siddhaa Krishi Basic

Duration: 5 days (40 hours)
Overview: Designed for the overall development of quality of crop as well as individual who produces the crop i.e. the farmer since there is a strong invisible bond between them. As a result, the learning topics included in this course are a combination of technical knowledge of farming as well as philosophical knowledge of life.

Contents: Evolution of culture of agriculture, Nature & Agriculture (Five fundamental elements of Nature and process of purification of these elements), Practical methods for enhancing the quality of soil and seeds, Importance of proper procedure of seed sowing, Meteorological & Astrological aspects of farming, Rainfall and water management, Crop production and crop protection (Basic), Seed collection & preservation, Siddhaa Krishi.

Siddhaa Krishi Advanced

Duration: 15 days (120 hours)
Overview: Designed for the advanced understanding and study of the farming knowledge, this course will discuss the subtle aspects of farming and also useful tips for management and marketing of the finished crops. To understand the subtle aspects of farming and Nature, the course has increased focus on the development of farmer's inner knowledge and capacity.

Contents: Organic method of preparation of Vermi- Compost, Crop protection (Advance), Fertilizer and Pesticides making with natural and easily available ingredients, How to increase the ground water table, Spiritual Life of plants and relation with human. Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind development techniques to develop intuition, Seed Consciousness, Siddhaa Krishi advanced sound and light treatment.

Siddhaa Krishi - The cheapest farming

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<%-- Siddhaa Krushi      Program Calendar

Kurunegala, Siri Lanka

28th April to 2nd May 2017

At Umandawa Maha
Vihara Monastery,
9 Post, Alipallama,
Melsiripura, Kurunegala,
Sri Lanka.
Contact: +94-775440888

--%> <%--Madhya Pradesh, India
1st to 7th April 2016
At Maharshi Arvind Ashram
P.O Rehangi,Taluk & Dist - Mandla,
Contact:Mr.Raju Nageshwar

Gujarat, India
24th to 30th April 2016
at Uttar Buniyadi Vidyalaya
Lokshala, P.O Bhimora,
Taluk-Chotila, Dist-Surendranagar
Contact : Prateeksha Patel
+91 7874775528 &
Mathur bhai Dhoriya

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