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Nature Oriented Education

Education methodology designed to facilitate intellectual and behavioral development through independent thinking, understanding of the basic nature and learning from Nature


• Restore sensitivity towards Nature
• Develop independent thinking ability
• Create leaders & not followers


Success in life is more likely if the study of subjects undertaken is in alignment with the inner nature i.e the likes and dislikes that every being has.

• Diploma in Astral Science of Music
• Mind Management
• Photo Memory Development
• Certificate in Applied Vedic Astrology

Diploma in Astral Science of Music

12 months long course to discover the unknown and subtle principles of sounds of Nature and channelize the ultra subtle power of music to develop the inner nature of the individual and the surroundings.

This course is targeted for the degree holders in Music (minimum 4 years of education in Music) who are seeking to experience the DNA of Music (Naad).


• Every creation has a common causal and eternal Naad within
• Music is beyond the seven basic Swaras (notes)
• Naad is the gateway to enlightenmentrgy


• Inner personality development of student
• Refined improvement in speech
• Ability to utilize higher amount of inner energy
• Healing powers can be used in Agriculture and Healthcare for wonderful results.

Mind Management

1 year course based on energy sciences designed with a sole objective of intellectual capacity development by understanding the Self and therefore enable high dimensional thinking and decision making ability. Such an individual develops the capacity to bring revolutionary changes and progress in the whole society and positively influences the life of many.

• Knowledge of life is contained within self not outside.
• Lack of experiential knowledge of self is the cause of negative personality.
• Nature is made up of five elements. Positive sound vibrations influence inner Nature and behavior for thought development.


• Invoke interest in research activities in the area of consciousness and subtle cosmic science through practical experiences
• Improve happiness quotient to contribut towards the progress of society and nation.
• Ability to effectively deal with the challenges of life

Duration: 12 months (450 hours) part time
Eligibility: Basic education
Language of delivery: Hindi and English:
Course Contents: Philosophy of Mind, Personality, Identity, Living in present, Mind & Sense Objects, Time & Work, Stress, Emotions, Thoughts, Relationship, Cellular Awakening, Conscious Mind Development, Sub Conscious Mind Development, Unconscious Mind Development

Photo Memory Development

Light (visual) and Sound (hearing) form the underlying mechanism of gaining knowledge of world around. Memory which is the absorption, retention and retrieval of knowledge is a direct function of awareness. This course is designed for mental capacity development especially to enhance the awareness levels using the techniques based on cosmic power of light and sound energy.

• Positive vibrations of sound & light enhance brain functions
• Knowledge iSensory faculties, Mind & Intellect
• Knowledge in visual form records into long term memory


• Focus and concentration
• Independent thinking ability
• Behavioral stability
• Sensitivity towards nature
• Seeding of sincerity towards life

Duration: 12 months (240 hours)
Eligibility: 10 to 16 years age group
Language of delivery: Hindi and English:
Course Contents: Understanding memory and its functions, Effect of light & sound on memory, Memory in a digital age, Qualities of a student, Life its purpose & values, Teen-age mind, Mind map, Managing curiosity, Decision making, Preparing for examination, Creativity & Imagination,

Certificate in Applied Vedic Astrology

06 month (100 hours) long course based on the Vedic principles of Astrology, designed to enable the students apply this science for better results in the day to day life such as education, business, profession, marriage, family matters and health.

• Humans are miniature replicas of macrocosms
• There is direct influence of planets and stars on human life and nature around.
• One can develop sensory capabilities beyond average to converse with nature and decision making.


• Understand the relationship between Physics and Astrology.
• Knowledge of Mohurtha Shastra
• Knowledge of Self - Harmony between mind and intellect and clarity on goal of life
• Ability to resolve common problems of day to day life

Duration: 06 months (100 hours) part time
Eligibility: 16 years of education
Language of delivery: Hindi and English:
Course Contents:Introduction & Philosophy, Cosmic Creation and its influence on time, Astrology and theory of Karma, Influence of Time scale, Naadi Science, Shabda & Naad, Medhiniya Jyothishya (Earthen science), Vaastu Shastra – Science of architecture and Phala Jyothishya on life, Mohurtha Shastra, Introduction to Surface Anatomy characteristics of the physical body, Introduction Palmistry, Philosophy of non duality as per astrology

Nature Oriented Education- Makes life easier

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NOE Program Calendar

Photo Memory Development

A 10 day residential personality
personality development
workshop for 10 to 15 yrs old.
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30th April to 09th May

"Sharda",Setti Halli Ring Road
Jayanagar - South ,Tumkur
Karnataka, India

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