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Ethnic Creation

Thoughts have immense power to transform. Thoughts become ideas and ideas become inventions and innovations. This is how the world has evolved so far and will continue to do so in future. The world today is battling major crises because of decline in its thinking energy. There has been a multi-fold increase in the tangible financial wealth but there has been a sharp decline in the intellectual capital of thinking independently and righteously. There is no dearth of positive and value based thoughts and content on our planet to guide the development of human intellect to higher levels. The gap lies in the effective channelization and distribution of it.

To address this gap, Ethnic Science Foundation has ventured into the Content creation space using the various avenues available in multimedia technology such as producing documentaries, movies, educational videos, broadcasting etc. All this production will take place under the banner of Ethnic Creations.

Ethnic Creations' mission is to create high quality of knowledge and value based content for the dissemination of power of Multisddha Medi Sciences, Nature based Education and Siddhaa Krishi for consumption by the masses to develop the human values and righteous vision of life to fulfill the noble vision of Universal Harmony.

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