About Directors

Mrs. Avantika Savarkar

Mrs. Avantika Savarkar, affectionately addressed as Maa Avantika has completed her education in Biotechnology. She supplemented her professional qualification with a certificate program in Naturopathy and Yoga.

Her intense desire to know the eternal principles of life and search for righteous way of leading it drew her towards study of Vedanta Philosophy.

In 2009, she committed herself in the service of humanity and got associated with Maharshi Arvind Foundation. She was greatly influenced by Shri Arvind’s attitude of service and unconditional love for the humanity whom she venerates as her Master.

During her association with Maharshi Arvind Foundation, she broadened her perspective on social life and researched on the root cause of human suffering. She minutely observed and studied the education programs conducted by the Foundation under its Path of Divine Life concept and the influence of these programs on personality such as behavior, thoughts and actions.

This is what invoked her interest to become a social entrepreneur and in 2015, guided by her mentor, she founded Ethnic Science Foundation and took over as its Director.

Mr. Anurag Chhabra

Anurag holds Masters in Computer Applications from Gujarat University, India and is currently working with IBM India Pvt Ltd at Bangalore, India. He has 20 years of experience in the field of Information Technology in software and solution design, development and management.

His interest to donate time towards propagation of positive thoughts and techniques from ancient teachings brought him in touch with Shri Arvind who is the chief research guide, mentor and founder of Maharshi Arvind Foundation.

Inspired by the vision of Universal Harmony, he became a volunteer member of the executive committee of Maharshi Arvind Foundation where he started driving the agenda of Knowledge of Self and incubate the concept in Sri Lanka to establish it as a model nation of Universal harmony & development.He is a certified instructor for the SELF Development Education program conceptualized by Maharshi Arvind Foundation. He has conducted several workshops at corporate houses and academic institutions. He has published papers on the effects of cosmic sound vibrations on mind in international symposiums. Apart from India, he has conducted workshops in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Malaysia & Bhutan in Government and Non Government establishments.

He was instrumental in the establishment of Ethnic Science Foundation to drive forward the mission of energy based research and knowledge development for the benefit of mankind in the field of agriculture, healthcare and education

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